Anti-Ageing or Wrinkle Reduction injections

What are Anti-Ageing or Wrinkle Reduction injections?

By careful injection into the small, specific muscles responsible for unwanted lines and wrinkles, the areas are relaxed to stop the lines and wrinkles forming.  Normal facial expressions remain unaffected and the overall effect is rested and more youthful.  Treatment usually lasts for 3 months and is administered using a tiny needle and so is not uncomfortable.


Cat Sullivan Aesthetics use the approved, most well known, market leading brand of wrinkle reduction injection which is a prescription medicine, and as such it cannot be named in UK advertising literature so please call or text for specific details. 

This product can also be used for other outcomes for example to reduce gummy smile or to reduce excessive sweating particularly in the underarm area.

Cat is happy to discuss and administer alternative brands of the product as appropriate.

Cat welcomes questions.   Please do get in touch to ask any questions or make an appointment for  consultation, or take a look through their website for further information including testimonials, payment options and Before and After photos.   Contact Cat directly by phone, text or email to arrange a consultation. 07771883385  or chat with her on Instagram @catsullivanaesthetics